8 Types Of Nigerians That Will Leave You Frustrated When You Meet Them

8 Types Of Nigerians That Will Leave You Frustrated When You Meet Them

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Ada Obiefe

Ada Obiefe Agege, Lagos

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one year ago

There is no doubt that the effect of the economic recession in the country has subjected people to complaining and grumbling on the cost of living.

Nigerians are trying their possible best to survive in the midst of all by cutting down cost to complement their means of income. There are some Nigerians you will never want to have anything to do with during this recession.

Here 8 types of people living in Nigeria that could make life miserable for you.

1. Nigerian Tailors

Some tailors in Nigeria can make life miserable when you give them a design and they do something entirely different. They are good at making promises and never delivering them. Good at giving unimaginable excuses. If they promise to bring your cloth this week, don’t expect it until next month.

2. Nigerian Mechanics

Nigerian mechanics! They are fast consuming than cancer. They will always look for ways to empty your pocket. Even when there is nothing wrong with your car,they cook up imaginary fault.

3. Power Holding Company of Nigeria (NEPA)

Never pray to see a police in the morning especially when you are rushing for work. They are good at wasting time and not your safety. They are ready to be your friend once you have an answer to their regular ‘anything for the boys?’

4. Nigerian Politicians

Nigerian politician do not have permanent friends but friends with permanent interest. They knee for you just to have your vote, only to embezzle your money when they have your votes. They are full of empty and vague promises.

5. Conductors

These set of Nigerians are good at ‘marrying’ passengers at the bus stop. They pretend like they don’t have change, just to stress you over your own money. It is only a Nigerian driver/conductor that will abuse you for their intentional errors.

6. Nigerian Banks

They laugh with you when they need you to open an account with them only to ask irrelevant questions on withdrawal of YOUR HARD EARNED money. You keep your money with them but they remove tiny tiny amounts for irrelevant charges. What is card maintenance fee?

7. Petrol Attendants

These ones are really annoying. They act like they are doing you a favour, meanwhile it is their job. They will never sell the complete amount, especially if you are buying fuel for your generator. They ask for ‘keg money’, like you are expected to buy the fuel on your palm if not the container.