Our Guidelines

CityDey allows users to share and contribute all experiences in form of reviews, photos, direct messages, events and more. While we welcome and love to hear about your opinion and description about a business including restaurants, hotels, cinemas, shopping, etc., there are certain requirements expected from each user on CityDey. 

Your profile, reviews and photos, as well as discussions and comments made need to follow the guidelines below for specific content that you might upload to the site. CityDey reserves all rights to take necessary actions when your account activity does not comply with these content guidelines below. These actions could include, deactivating your CityDey account with or without your notice, or deleting or altering your reviews and comments. In situations where you feel your review was deleted by error, email support@citydey.com.

Due to the large diversity of our community, you may feel certain contents do not meet the criteria of our guidelines or Terms of Services, please report such findings to us. However, it may be possible that the content disagreeable to you may not meet the criteria to be deleted from the site.

General Guidelines

·       Be Relevant: Please ensure your contributions to CityDey are relevant and appropriate. Accounts posting irrelevant, inappropriate or promotional content, that spam business or solicit customers, will be deleted without notice. The forum is not a place to write reviews ranting about business employment cultures, political issues, or matters not addressing the business experience.

·       Be Authentic: Only one review per business can be written; your reviews are important and help other people learn about a certain experience at a place. Your most recent review counts and can always be edited based on subsequent visits at any given time.

·       Be Private: Do not share people's private information. Please do not post people full names unless you're referring to the name of the business provider who are identified by the given full name; or post photos of other individuals without their consent. Privacy is important.

·       Be Honest: Write your reviews based on actual facts and your own experience. Do not write about your friend's experience, we want to hear your story. Please do not exaggerate or falsify your experience. Misleading, deceptive or fake reviews will be removed, including reviews implying that the user has never visited the business.  For example, “I never want to visit this restaurant, I heard the food sucks and management is poor".

·       Be Yourself: We love to see your profile on CityDey. Your profile is your identity to others' on the forum. Keep it clean, no inappropriate profile images, names or bios. Any inappropriate profile will result to deletion of users account on CityDey.

·       Intellectual Property: Plagiarism is taken seriously. Do not copy content from other sites or users. Duplicating others' reviews or photos or re-posting your same written reviews multiple times on CityDey (in full or part) is frowned upon. You're a smart cookie and we trust you'll write your review contents yourself and always keep it fresh.

·       Be Respectful: Regardless of how delightful your review is about a business experience, keep threats, hateful speech or abusive language, harassment and other displays of bigotry out of it. This also includes derogatory comments about a person characteristics (eg. race, religion, gender) or signs indicating personal vendetta towards a business and its' associates. Every user on CityDey should respect the others' opinion or experience about a given business.

·       Payment Request: Sharing or removing a review should not be used for demanding payments from the business. Also requesting for a refund due to a bad experience at a business is not allowed on the forum.

·       No Clutter: To continuously maintain the highest-quality content that's useful to everyone, reviews need to be a minimum of 140 characters long. No one likes junk, if you fill the space provided with junk, your review will be taken down altogether.

Photo Guidelines

Photos posted should be relevant to the business and reflect the typical consumer experience (e.g., what the business offers, what the business looks, like, etc.).

If a photo displays a more unique personal experience with a business (e.g., smiling with a group of friends at the restaurant, a bug in your salad, etc.), it may be deleted removed from the photo gallery for the business, although it may still appear alongside your review if you write about a business.  

Profile Guidelines

Are you shy? No need to be shy! Your profile lets people know who you are and what excites you. Users want to read reviews about your experience at a business you visited. People trust and are more attracted to your profile when they don't see inappropriate content or empty profile images.

Review Guidelines

Best written reviews are personalized and passionate. They offer an in-depth detail and rich narrative about their experience, and helpful tips for other consumers. In addition, below are pointers for conscientious reviewers.

·       Personal experience: We want to hear your own story, firsthand consumer experience and not what your friend, co-worker or significant other said. Avoid making false allegations and broad generalizations about the business.

·       Review updates:  Update your reviews reflecting on the new experience or interaction with the business by editing your old experience with new insights. Please don't tell the same old story, we always what fresh contents.

·       Accuracy: Please do not make false accusations about a business. We like users to write honest reviews about their consumer experience. Your opinions are welcomed, but don't exaggerate or misrepresent your experience. CityDey doesn’t take sides when it comes to factual disputes, so we expect you to stand behind your review.

Direct Messaging Guidelines

CitDey has a direct messaging feature to keep you and fellow citydeyers in touch. Firstly, don't use this feature for harassment or sending inappropriate content to users on the forum. Secondly, accounts on CityDey are for personal, non-commercial use only. Business owners should message reviewers using their Business Owner Account. For this to occur, we ask that Business Owners upload a clear photo of themselves to help personalize their message.

Event Guidelines

Stay connected with what's happening in the neighborhood and share events you heard about! Great posts about upcoming events are welcomed on CityDey. Please don't use Events for repeated promotional announcements and sales. CityDey wants to keep contents fresh, so please post events happening within a month. Don't post events more than 6 months in advance.

Talk Guidelines

Talk creates room for open, honest and interesting conversations about what's going on in your community. As exciting as it is to post on Talk and engage in conversations, be cautious about what you post since you can't subsequently delete it. Therefore,common sense is necessary. Since user trust and transparency are important principles to us, unknown users that are disruptive to the community will be dealt with sternly as compared to those who stand behind their words.

Business Owner Guidelines

Business Owners are part of the action on CityDey. Some wise words:

·       Claim Business: You can use the "Claim Business" tab to tell people about your business. Keep it relevant and don't use this feature to attack your competitors or reviewers or CityDey. Also, don't use it to post special offers or promotions- we'll delete them if seen on the forum.

·       Public Comments: Business owners can address an unhappy customer publicly by posting a public comment in response to their review or take advantage of our direct messaging feature to resolve a dispute. With direct messaging, we ask that the business owners upload a clear photo of themselves to personalize their message. Do not use public comments to advertise, harass a user or offer an incentive to change a review.

·       PhotosPhotos are great for advertising to promote your business on CityDey. Creativity is highly welcomed, but please keep it clean. We're not big fans of graphic images showing violence, pornography or near nudity, drug use or suggestive acts. Furthermore, your photo should not denounce users, businesses or CityDey; solicit reviews from users or respond to user reviews.

·       Don’t offer to pay for reviews from users: Please don't offer compensation (discounts and freebies count too) or bribes of any form in exchange for reviews.